Meet Sunbelt Imports, Inc.

The Owner Operator:

Sunbelt is owned and operated by Salvatore Albelice. Salvatore came to Houston from Milan in 1981 and had quickly made a name for himself in the restaurant business, when he notice in the late 1980’s that metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles and New York were having great success with coffee houses. He knew it was just a matter of time before the “Coffee House Craze “ would strike the Houston scene and he knew he was the person to bring it to fruition.

Salvatore is a family man with a lovely wife and 3 beautiful children. He has a strong sense of family, which he carries over to Sunbelt. His goal is making sure the employees feel and know that they are all bringing their individual talents to make Sunbelt not just his success, but the Sunbelt Family Success.

The Family:

Sunbelt Imports Inc. is a direct importer of espresso equipment, pasta machines, gelato ingredients, pizza ovens, and other specialty items and products. For over 15 years, it has been the leader in the espresso cappuccino equipment field with a reputation for providing quality products, outstanding customer satisfaction, and exceptional technical service. Our staff has been trained to see that you receive all without delay. You may contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

As standard practice at Sunbelt, you are guaranteed that we carry only those items we have found to be highest in quality. Lavazza Espresso: imported from Italy, our own house label Gaetano Coffee and Teas (locally roasted and packaged for your convenience in one, two, or five pound packages), Monin, and Da Vinci syrups, Ghirardelli sauces, cocoa, and frappe powders, Pregel gelato ingredients, Mocafe Frappes and Bubble Tea mixes. These are just a fraction of the products Sunbelt has to offer to ensure that we reach our goal to be your one stop resource for all you may require.

The equipment we offer,( Rancillio, Faema and La Spaziale) can handle any ware and tear that your staff or household will put upon it. And to ensure that your equipment remains in high standard working condition, we offer training for you and your staff on our premises or at your location to teach the fine art of “Una bella tazza di crema” (a beautiful cream). We also can set up service contracts customized to fit your needs and to minimize costly repairs.

If you want to open a coffee house, or if you have a restaurant and want to add a bit of Italian excitement to the end of your guests meals, or just want to bring a bit of Italy into your home, we have the equipment and products to meet your every need.

Thank you for getting to know us.