January 8, 2017

Fun Facts to Know About Your Joe

As much as you may think you know your coffee, you may just find…you don’t know beans. Here’s a little coffee cup trivia to sip on. The Scoop Let’s see how you measure up on this one. Did you know that medium roasted coffee beans are higher in caffeine than those classified as bold? That’s right. And, light roasted beans have more caffeine than medium or dark, per scoop, that is. The darker a coffee bean, the longer it was roasted. Dark roasted beans lose caffeine in the process and drop in mass as well. That means that ounce-per-ounce, scoop-by-scoop, a lighter bean yields more caffeine, mostly due to the bulk weight. Just How Bold Are You? What’s in your cup? While many of us die hard coffee drinkers swear by “the bolder the better”, some experts tend to disagree and say we are in the dark about…the dark. The […]
December 16, 2016

Not Just Your Average Joe

Most of us love to start our morning with a nice, steaming cup of joe. We meet friends for joe and even jones for joe when we haven’t had our fair share of it. But have you ever wondered why joe is called “joe”? While a common expression for a common man is to refer to him as “Joe”, one theory suggests that’s not the true roots behind the term of endearment that implies “a cup of coffee”. It all began way back in World War 1 with a man named Josephus Daniels. A notorious editor and publisher, it wasn’t Josephus’ journalism connections that made him famous, it was his position of Secretary of the Navy alongside his top aide, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As popular as the leader was though, one action he took made him terribly unpopular, with the sailors at least. One fateful day in July of 1914, […]
November 15, 2016
Cup of Joe

Brewing Basics: Making the Perfect Cup of Joe

Ask any coffee connoisseur and they’ll agree, there’s an art to making the perfect cup of joe. While sipping a steamy brew at your favorite coffeehouse is always a treat, sometimes you just want to have a great cup of coffee at home. Follow these simple steps and you can make coffee like the pros…maybe even better! Start with a squeaky clean coffee maker. Whether you are using a conventional auto-drip machine, a fancy trifecta or are opting to dawn your skills with a French coffee press, the fact remains the same…a great spot of coffee begins with a spotlessly clean machine. Not only do coffee makers provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold, it’s impossible to make a great cup of coffee from an apparatus that is caked in grounds or is laden with a film. How to clean your coffee maker is, of course, dependent on […]
October 3, 2016

Potential positive effects of coffee

There is a drug on the streets that has most of America addicted, that’s right I’m talking about the main ingredient in coffee, caffeine.  We all know someone who can’t start their day or be productive without a cup of coffee. There are even some of us out there who have up to six cups a day! While overconsumption of anything can be bad for you, the right amount of coffee in your life could severely improve your health. This article is to inform you of some of the positive effects that caffeine can have on your body and to encourage healthy coffee consumption. Coffee is most commonly described as a stimulant and happens to be loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health and lower risk of several serious diseases. After you drink coffee, the caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, it travels into […]
August 29, 2016

What can Independent Coffee Shops do Better?

In addition to James Hoffmann’s current discovery on the financial efficacy and place of pastries in coffee shops today, the Assembly Coffee has shared an insight with its peers in the independent coffee world into consumer preference. To increase participation amidst professionals and non-professionals, guests were surveyed in the previous coffee festival and subsequent events, evaluating different brewed coffee of various strengths in an anonymously submitted form. The objective of this article is to know why a considerable number of consumers still favor chains in spite the rapid growth of the independent coffee sector in recent years. The questions that trigger this survey were “we are dead set on specific brew concentration within coffee but do these correspond with the preference of coffee consumers?” and “if not is this potentially a tool to encourage the involvement of coffee consumers?” About 450 people participated in the survey, with 81% of them […]