January 8, 2017

Fun Facts to Know About Your Joe

As much as you may think you know your coffee, you may just find…you don’t know beans. Here’s a little coffee cup trivia to sip on. The Scoop Let’s see how you measure up on this one. Did you know that medium roasted coffee beans are higher in caffeine than those classified as bold? That’s right. And, light roasted beans have more caffeine than medium or dark, per scoop, that is. The darker a coffee bean, the longer it was roasted. Dark roasted beans lose caffeine in the process and drop in mass as well. That means that ounce-per-ounce, scoop-by-scoop, a lighter bean yields more caffeine, mostly due to the bulk weight. Just How Bold Are You? What’s in your cup? While many of us die hard coffee drinkers swear by “the bolder the better”, some experts tend to disagree and say we are in the dark about…the dark. The […]
March 22, 2016

Coffee The Worlds First Sustainable Crop?

The coffee industry may change dramatically over the next few years. Peter Seligmann, co-founder of Conservative International is looking to make coffee the first 100% sustainable agricultural commodity. What does that mean? It means that not one tree would be cut down during the production and harvesting of coffee. Presently, Starbucks can make that claim – up to 99%. Mr. Seligmann has been working with Starbucks for about 15 years. Due to their success, he now feels that coffee could become 100% sustainably produced. With that in mind, Mr. Seligmann is quarterbacking a new initiative called the Sustainable Coffee Challenge. He is rounding up a like-minded coalition to develop an action plan. The initial plan will be introduced at the 4th World Coffee Conference next year in Ethiopia. In order to reach their goal, coffee will have to be shade-grown. The process takes longer but the coffee quality is higher […]
February 29, 2016

Astronauts Enjoy Coffee Finally Brewed In Space

Despite all of the equipment on board a space craft, up until this time there has not been a way for an astronaut to enjoy a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee, because there has not been a good way to brew a cup up there until now. For years, astronauts have been drinking freeze dried coffee pre-made and stored in pouches, lacking any real flavor and that great coffee smell. The change came when a specially designed cup became available. Echoing the idea of the popular Keurig coffee machines, the system uses coffee pods that brew, with the addition of hot water that is injected directly into the pod, and then into the specially designed cup. However, the pods are on the bottom of the cup, rather on the top as in the Keurig machines. Because there is no gravity in space, one problem the astronauts had was that […]
January 27, 2016

Coffee As An Antioxidant

Free radicals have a negative effect on the human body and causes damage to vital cells. Antioxidants seems to counteract these effects and removes them from the bloodstream. There are more free radicals in the human body then there are antioxidants. It is essential for the body to taken in foods containing high doses of antioxidants every day. Coffee, always thought to be harmful to the body and researchers find some astonishing positive effects from the caffeine found in coffee products. The caffeine found in coffee aids the body’s metabolism, helping to burn fat stores of up to 10 percent in a person at least 30 pounds over their ideal body weight. This caffeine breaks down body fat and turns it into energy. Coffee is said to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system or the heart and major arteries. Caffeine proves to lower the risks and impacts from diabetes, […]
November 25, 2015

Milks Affect on Coffee

For some it’s nonessential, for others it is a main ingredient in a daily cup of joe, but when it comes to cappuccino or latte, milk is the main ingredient, and what milk is used distinguishes a good cup of coffee from a bad one. Different milks bring different flavors and textures to coffees depending on the fat content. A full fat milk brings a rich, creamy, often sweet taste to the coffee. The fat coats the mouth and blocks some of the bitter, acidic taste from the coffee. Less fat in the milk would lead to a thinner coffee that has more bite and acidity. Currently the market offers five different milk brands that produce what is thought to be the best cup of coffee. Northiam always yields a consistent foam that offers a rich and creamy yet not overly sweet coffee. Cravendale, sold in specific bottles to shield […]