The 5-Star Chef Pastry Select line is our latest endeavor as a specialty desserts company to cater directly to pastry chefs around the world. The line features pastry products with new formulas specially tested and approved by renowned pastry chefs, and packaged specific to their needs.

The pastes and compounds in the line represent the highest quality available in the market. The flavors and ingredients found in our line are sourced from the best regions around the world to achieve the most authentic and natural taste for pastries of all kinds. The instant products featured in the line are for chefs in need of superior solutions that allow for the preparation of top notch desserts in half the time. From instant pannacotta to molten chocolate cakes, the products are so innovative it is unimaginable that they come in powdered form.
The new packaging for the 5-Star Chef Pastry Select line was created so that smaller quantities could be sold and to accomplish optimal storage and shelf life. This line differs from PreGel’s other lines as it is sold exclusively through distributors around the country. To learn more about the distribution of these products contact your local sales representative.