Butternut Squash Mango & Veggies #2120


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Mango and squash are perfectly matched with 7 veggies including carrots and greens in a taste sensation that keeps customers asking for more. The taste moves back and forth between the mango and the squash, with hints of veggies popping through. Veggies never tasted better (One 46 oz. bottle makes 9-16 oz. servings)

About 100% Crushed® Veggie Smoothies

Fruit and veggies never tasted so good! Who said eating fruit and vegetables isn’t any fun? Well, we’ve found the perfect solution to make it super fun and taste great too. Dr. Smoothie introduces the NEW Veggie Smoothie. You’ll never be bored again eating your vegetables.

Enjoy every sip while adding extra nutrition into your daily diet and getting your “5 a day” in a super cool way. Our Vegetable Smoothie’s are so healthy and flavorful, you’ll be surprised that you are actually drinking something that contains vegetables and greens.

With your great health in mind, our Artisans have come up with the perfect addition to our 100% Crushed® product line that will not only heighten your senses but will wow your taste buds.

1) Pre-Prep: Pour a 46 oz. jar of concentrate into a 64 oz. container. Fill with water and shake well. For a 16 oz. smoothie, fill a 16 oz. cup full of ice. Pour pre-prep into the cup over the ice.

2) Empty cup into blender and blend.

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