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Panini Gelato is a brand new concept for frozen dessert businesses seeking a novel approach to desserts. Creamy scoops of gelato or frozen yogurt are neatly spooned onto a golden, sweet bun combined with a savory or sweet Arabeschi® and/or topping, and then lightly pressed to perfection using a state-of-the-art machine to create Panini Gelato. Assembled on the spot, the bun takes the place of a cone, cup or cookie and is served either sliced on a plate, or as a full sandwich served in a wrapper for a more on-the-go solution.

To Create Panini Gelato, You Will Need:

PreGel gelato or frozen yogurt
PreGel Arabeschi® or Topping
Sweet Panini Bun
Panini Gelato Machine…showcased below!

This concept can effortlessly be added to any existing concept, please consult your Sales Representative or Special Service Team Member to learn how to incorporate this fresh, new concept into your business.

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