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Our best seller, the Schaerer Ambiente super automatic espresso machine, offers truly impressive speed and performance. Quality that delights coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

* 120 Cups per Hour
* 22L Hot Milk per Hour
* Only 17″ Wide
* 2 Integrated Grinders
* 10 Product Programs
* Double Espresso Cycle
* Digital LCD Display
* Sales Statistics
* Smart Cards

The Ambiente is available with an endless list of options and combination such as the Chrome Deluxe Hoppers.

We’ll analyze your needs and customize the machine to your specific requirements.


* Push Button Convenience

It’s never been easier to prepare Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte by the touch of a button.

The machine will grind whole beans, tamp, brew and discharge the used grounds (puck) into a container. Consistent and perfectly extracted Espresso, cup after cup.

* Bean Hopper Extension (Option)

Extend the coffee bean hopper to a 1.5kg capacity.

Also improves customer awareness by being able to see the whole beans.

* Chip Card Control

The model Ambiente and the model Euroca come with a built-in chip card system. Each machine comes with a chef card. With this card you can gain access to valuable sales statistics. Find out how many cappuccinos have been sold on a daily, monthly and yearly base.
Important parameters such as strength and cup size can be modified with the use of the chef card.
By incorporating the waiter card system you can limit the access to the machine to those carrying the card only and even track sales by waiters.
The machines can be set up to accept pre-paid money debit cards only. Ideal for offices and self service applications.

* Integrated Water Tank (Option)

The model Ambiente is totally independent from water supply. The machine has a built-in water pump.
The pictures shows the model Ambiente with a built-in 4.5 Litre water tank, making the machine portable.
The machine will also draw water from a remote water tank. This is very practical for cart applications.

* Cup Warmer (Option)

Often ignored. When serving espresso in a china cup, it is crucial to pre-heat the cup! Keep in mind that one once of espresso is being poured into a china weighing in at up to 5 ounces!

Use the matching cup warmer to guaranty the espresso is still hot by the time the beverage reaches the customer!

* DeLuxe Hopper and Rails (Option)

The Ambiente Line is available with chrome Hoppers and Rails.

A more traditional espresso machine look.

* Vending Systems (Option)

The model Ambiente can be equipped with various vending systems.

Most popular credit options are chip card loading station, token tester and coin operated systems.

Please call to find out more about these systems.

Note that the Ambiente has a built in chip card reader. The machines can be set up to accept pre-paid money debit cards only. Ideal for offices and self service applications.

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