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Citrus | Milk chocolate | Herbal

We are excited to offer this interesting lot from the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil grown by the Moscardini family. A mid-sized farm owned by 4th-generation coffee farmers, they have increasingly been looking for new ways to process coffee to bring out different flavors. They used a controlled-fermentation on this lot to give better consistency to this lot. This involves meticulous moisture tracking as the coffee beans are naturally fermented in the coffee cherry. The result is a clean natural profile with mild citrus acidity and notes of peach, white grape, molasses, bourbon, and herbs. We love the thick body and lasting sweetness on this cup. Excellent as a drip coffee but will also do well in espresso preparations. We chose a medium roast to accentuate the sweetness and body.

Region: Alta Mogiana, Brazil
Variety: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuaí, Topázio, Tupi, and Yellow Obatã
Elevation: 3000-3500 ft
Process: Natural
Cup Characteristics: Citrus, milk chocolate, peanut butter, bourbon, molasses, peach, white grape, herbal
Roast: Medium

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