Barbell Roastery – Cold Brew Blend


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I maintain that cold-brew coffee is a different beverage than it's hot counterpart. Thus, we tackled our own blend by focusing on what makes cold-brew unique. We chose a combination of two lots from Mexico and Guatemala roasted to a medium-dark profile. In a cold-brew preparation, the coffee is all chocolate with some hints of smoke, citrus, and spice. With the addition of cream, this cold brew tastes like a rich, dark chocolate milk with a coffee finish. While it is crafted for cold-brew, the coffee is also excellent as a hot coffee.

Brew recipe: We recommend using 12 cups of cold water for the entire 12-oz bag (coarse grind) and brewing about 20 hrs at room temperature.  After brewing and filtering, add water to bring the liquid back up to 12 cups (you will lose 20-25% of the water during the brewing process).
Region: Chiapas, Mexico; Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuai, Catimor
Elevation: 4900-6500 ft
Process: Washed (wet process)
Cup Characteristics: Lots of chocolate, citrus, smokey, warm spice
Roast: Medium-dark

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