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A whole gelato lab that allows you to make artisanal Italian gelato, granita, toppings and sauces Trittico Business respects the nature of gelato and your own creativity, and applies technology to guarantee a perfect gelato structure every day.

With Bravo’s patented Ionic® System, your gelato will be dry and contain exactly the right amount of air, preserving the creaminess and softness that is typical of traditional Italian gelato.

Thanks to the software that controls the speed variator, with Trittico Business you will be able to make fruits and chocolate sauces, toppings, granitas and semifreddos’s as well as pastry cream, to add more variety to your show-case. We start from nature and create added value for ge-lato makers.

And it couldn’t be any easier with Trittico Business, an all in one gelato machine.

Technical features

  • Ingredients can be added during each heating or freezing phase
  • Inverter for batch - freezer mixer
  • Automatic washing system
  • Patented internal connection between upper and lower tank
  • Sheet resistance heating system
  • Ionic System control (Bravo patent)
  • Thermal shock due to fast temperature decrease from 85ºC (185ºF) to 4ºC (40ºF)

Advantages and strengths

  • Very easy and convenient product loading
  • Mixing speed can be changed either automatically or manually
  • Fast washing operations
  • Max hygiene
  • Very quick heating process, no thermal hysteresis, high temperature precision, product never burns
  • It detects the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/sorbet consistency and volume
  • It allows the highest sanitizing of the product and the highest hygiene of the mixture

Additional information

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