Monin: Candied Orange



When a non-acidic orange flavor is desired, Monin Candied Orange Syrup is the ideal solution. An innovative flavor designed with the café operator in mind, Monin Candied Orange Syrup offers a great orange flavor and aroma, but does not curdle milk. Delicious orange mochas, smoothies and many more orange flavored, dairy based beverages are now easy to make with Monin Candied Orange Syrup.

  • Bright orange
Tasting Notes
  • Fresh and pure orange aroma, authentic candied orange taste.
  • Lattes, mochas, steamers, milk, lemonades, cocktails, iced teas, flavored sodas, Italian sodas and smoothies
  • Monin Candied Orange Syrup is recommended with dairy ingredients: milk, cream, half & half

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.9527 × 2.9527 × 11.88 in