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Throughout history, cinnamon’s popularity continued. The characteristic rich, warm and sweet fragrance of cinnamon made it one of the most evocative of spices and a popular ingredient in many cuisines worldwide, especially in cakes, cookies, and desserts. Monin Cinnamon syrup gives the ability to brings this delightful spice to a wide array of specialty coffee beverages, cocktails and so much more.

  • Dark Brown
Tasting Notes:
  • Pure aroma of cinnamon spice, distinct, sweet and bold
  •  Lattes, Mochas, Steamers, Teas, Smoothies, Hot and Iced Coffee, Ciders, Cocktails
  • Combine with Monin Apple Syrup or Monin Pear Syrup for a flavor combination perfect for Fall
  • May be used with dairy ingredients: milk, cream, half & hal
  • A versatile accent in countless beverages, espeically paired with Monin fruit flavorings

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.9527 × 2.9527 × 11.88 in