Monin: Pineapple



The beautiful fruit is appreciated for its delicious flavor and also as a garnish. Pineapple wedges and pineapple leaves are a great way to dress up any tropical beverage. But when it comes to pure pineapple flavor, Monin Pineapple Syrup is the easiest option to accent countless beverages.

  • Opaque Golden Yellow
Tasting Notes:
  • Sweet pineapple aroma and authentic fresh squeezed pineapple juice flavor
  • Iced tea, Lemonades, Margaritas, Piñas coladas, Smoothies, Sparklers, Frozen beverages
  • Complements other tropical flavors such as Coconut, Mango and Banana.
  • Garnish ideas include pineapple wedge or pineapple leaves
  • Also delicious with Lime and other sweet & sour flavors
  • May be used with dairy products by following specific recipe directions.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.9527 × 2.9527 × 11.88 in