Monin: Vanilla 750 ml | 1 Liter Plastic



We start with the best Vanilla extract from Madagascar vanilla beans to flavor Monin Vanilla Syrup. This pure extract is what gives Monin Vanilla Syrup the superior taste that makes the difference in your recipes. Made with select ingredients and pure cane sugar, Monin Vanilla Syrup is a highly concentrated, authentic flavoring offering exceptional versatility for creating specialty beverages.

  • Golden, almost translucent
Tasting Notes:
  • Distinctive and sweet vanilla extract aroma, smooth, custard-like vanilla flavor derived from select Madagascar vanilla beans.
  • Specialty coffee beverages, brewed coffee, steamers, smoothies, shakes, martinis, Manhattans
  • Try combining with Monin Macadamia Nut Syrup, Hazelnut, Roasted Chestnut or Coconut for a smooth & nutty experience
  • Great to complement and reduce any tartness in berry flavors
  • Ideal with any dairy ingredient: milk, cream, half & half.

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