Bravo Pastmatic PT60

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PT60 combines three operations in only one appliance: heating, aging and cooling in accordance with the HACCP regulations. The special central stirrer presses the mixture in order to have a more uniform mix of the ingredients and to boost the thermal exchange between the mixture and the wall of the tank. A digital electronic board completely controls the machine and, through very precise sensors, controls the heating, the cooking and the cooling processes of the mixture; this grants that the mixture never burns or becomes frozen even during the preservation cycle.

Technical features

  • Ingredients can be added during each heating or cooling phase
  • Pre-saved program for half tank use
  • Different temperatures of cooking
  • Double temperature displayed: product or heating system
  • Easy to clean with the inside washer nozzle

Advantages and strengths

  • Very easy and convenient product loading
  • Mixing speed can be changed either automatically or manually
  • Fast washing operations
  • Max hygiene
  • Extremely easy to handle and clean

Additional information

Weight 419 lbs
Dimensions 35.4 × 15.7 × 42.7 in