MEC3 – Base G Creme (0.9kg)




This innovative line of bases are the result of Giordano Emendatori's passion for gelato. As a great connoisseur and always dedicated to the pleasures of gelato, Emendatori developed two bases without sugars or flavor additives, making it possible to limit calories without sacrificing the pleasures of artisan gelato of the finest quality. The secret of these bases are the glycosides from the Stevia plant, a new and revolutionary natural sweetener that, unlike other sugar substitutes on the market, have no side effects. With a sweetening power up to 270 times greater than sucrose, and totally without calories, steviol glycosides have been used for many centuries in South America. Stevia has now reached Europe, and MEC3 is the first company to launch its use in the gelato sector.  Dedicated to pure sugar-free pastes to bring out all the best tastes.